We are proud to offer private, customized Santa Fe board and train programs  to discerning clients who would like their dogs to receive the highest quality of training available. 


Are you looking for the best results the industry has to offer? For a dog that is responsive and under control on the street, and an exemplary canine good citizen on the street and in the mountains?

Whether you are seeking OFF-LEASH control, a dog who no longer acts aggressively,

or a TOTAL TRANSFORMATION, we can help!





























The "Loyal Lassie"  


















ONE WEEK ON & OFF-LEASH BOOTCAMP - $2499                                    




After the program, your dog will be able to follow commands on AND 100% off-leash, without treats, in HIGH LEVELS OF DISTRACTION.  We will also address any on-leash issues such as pulling, jumping, and excessive barking. You can read more about how balanced training makes this possible so quickly, here. 



In each customized program, each dog can learn commands of YOUR choosing.

Here are just a few of the behaviors that can be trained and addressed:


  • Heel (Loose-leash walking) in high distraction settings

  • Down-Stay

  • Place Command 

  • Recall (Come) in high distraction settings

  • Crate Manners/Separation Anxiety

  • How to walk/run on the treadmill

  • Waiting for Food, and not rushing through open doors, or up/down stairs

  • Mouthiness

  • A "Drop" or "Out" Command

  • Counter-Surfing

  • Compulsive Barking

  • Impolite Greetings (Jumping)



The LOYAL LASSIE BOOTCAMP is NOT designed for dogs with a history of aggression toward people or dogs.  

Scroll down to read more about our rehabilitation programs. 






























Our immersive behavior modification programs builds massive amounts of confidence, and helps your dog develop social skills and coping tools for interacting with (or just tolerating) dogs and humans, patterns new foundation behaviors, working the entire time toward creating a more stable emotional baseline.  Dogs receive private, customized training sessions, group training sessions, daily structured walks, controlled socialization opportunities with balanced dogs, and supervised play time between intensive training. We specialize in cutting-edge, low-level remote collar training and advanced behavior modification. Please take a moment to read about how remote collar training humanely and effectively facilitates clear dog-human communication here.  By the end of their stay, your dog will understand an entirely new way of being. Additionally, you will be armed with a better understanding of canine psychology, body language and proper handling skills, allowing you both to enjoy a stress-free life together. Our methods build confidence by teaching your dog to defer to you when they are uncomfortable, create space when they need it, and reliably make better choices in all kinds of situations, with minimal stress and confusion, and in a very reasonable amount of time.  


In addition to a 100% on and off-leash obedience foundation covering all of the basic commands included in the Loyal Lassie Bootcamp listed above, the root and nature of each dog's aggression will be strategically and comprehensively addressed. All dogs, provided they are injury-free, will also learn how to use the treadmill. (We find this is not only a great structured activity, but a confidence-builder as well!)



Head Trainer Corinna Melanie, CPDT-KA is one of the few trainers in the Santa Fe area with a successful track record when it comes to the rehabilitation of both human and dog-aggressive dogs, even those with documented bite histories.  Through intensive Rehabilitation Programs designed with compassion, structure, obedience, and the application of advanced behavior modification techniques, we have saved hundreds of dogs that would have otherwise been put down or given up on. Having your dog board with us during the rehabilitation process allows us to enforce a 24/7 lifestyle-routine, and provide the ideal training environment for such dramatic changes to take place.  Your dog will learn to trust the human leaders in their lives, and to follow non-negotiable rules and boundaries - these key principles and many more, are needed to re-establish balance. Finally, know that the safety and well-being of your dog is #1; all boarding dogs, as well as the facility's climate, are closely monitored, and under 24-hour CCTV Surveillance. 



*The recommended length of your dog’s stay depends on many factors including but not limited to the nature and severity of their aggression.  Occasionally, we have a dog who's issues require a three or four week stay. PLEASE CONNECT WITH US TO DETERMINE HOW LONG OF A PROGRAM IS RECOMMENDED* 




One Week Aggression Rehab -      $2899                                                            




Two-Week Aggression Rehab -      $3899



 ALL EQUIPMENT (training collar, e-collar, etc) IS INCLUDED IN PROGRAM FEE. 


Upon pick up at the end of your dog's stay, we have a transfer session here at the facility where you’ll learn how to cue and maintain your dog’s new behavior, and to advocate for your dog in all kinds of situations.  We offer UNLIMITED follow-up sessions and phone/email support to make sure you and your pup are right on track back in the home.



Once you have submitted payment for an individual session or a training program, please fill out the release form which can be found in here. Electronically sign and submit, along with an uploaded image of your dog's most recent vaccination records. All dogs working at the facility must be up to date on rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and bordatella. 


 Payment is due in full upon booking of a session or program. 



In addition to training, your dog receives a daily structured walks, and controlled socialization opportunities with Corinna’s pack of  balanced dogs.  If you have ever dreamed of the day where your dog comes the first time you call, even outside, in the presence of other dogs…or squirrels…or running children...Who heels nicely on-leash, and stays where they’re asked until you release them?  Look no further! We utilize cutting-edge low level remote collar training technology. Our techniques are guided by the latest advances in behavioral science and allow us to achieve dramatic, long-lasting, transferable results. Remote collars help empower owners, refine dogs’ focus in both low and high distraction environments, and HUMANELY encourage crystal clear communication between dog and human.  Our methods instead build confidence through teaching your dog to reliably make better choices in all kinds of situations, with minimal stress and confusion, and in a very reasonable amount of time. 


We train specifically to your needs and the lifestyle that you dream of enjoying with your companion, and only take on one dog at a time, regardless of the location, in order for each dog to be successful and to receive a truly tailored, personalized experience. 

At the end of your dog's program, we have a half-day transfer session where you’ll learn how to cue and maintain your dog’s new behavior in the real world.  We will ensure you have confidence in any environment in which you had previously struggled.





Human Aggressive German Shepherd: